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Eliminate Pain and Injury Program

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This program is specific for those who have been experiencing chronic pain for weeks, months and even years. Like with all good things, they take time. If you have been dealing with your issue for an period longer then 1 month, your body needs to take time to heal.
This program includes four manual movement therapy sessions.

Prevention and Optimized Performance Home Program

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This personalized program is based on prevention and will help you set up better movement strategies to heighten performance. Whether that is running a faster time, hitting a better PR, or simply doing what you love pain free!
I will suit this program to meet your needs while also being thoughtful of your goals, location, equipment, duration and frequency.

Movement Minded Workshop

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These workshops are based on an variety of different health topics.
- Lower Back Pain
-Learning how to breathe
-Learning to walk before you run
-Foot mobility