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Gift Certificate Valid for 75 minutes of Movement Therapy

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Valid for 75 minutes of Integrated Treatment

Eliminate Pain and Injury Personalized Training Program

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This program is specific for those who have been experiencing chronic pain for weeks, months and even years. We will focus on starting with a strong foundation and progress from there.
This program includes:
-TWO Personal 60 minute Training Sessions a week
-Home care program consisting of 1-4 exercises to be done outside of meeting TWICE a week.
-Video Tutorial of each exercise
-Progression from Week 2 to Week 4 within the program

Prevention and Performance Personalized Training Program

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This program is for you if you have milder injuries and are still able to train through the dysfunction. This personalized training program is aimed to build on your already solid foundation, prevent injures and help you set up better movement strategies to heighten performance.
This program includes:
-ONE Personalized Training Session a Week
- Self care homework ranging between 1-4 exercises
-Video Tutorials outside of each session
-Progression from Week 2 to Week 4 within the program
-Continued Support throughout your program from start to finish

Functional Group Fitness 6 Week Program

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This Group Fitness Class is designed to help you move better and become whole body strong. This class combines functional movement, multiple muscle groups and challenges your body to reach new levels.

Customized 12 Week Training Program

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Based on a periodized method, your body will change every 3 to 4 weeks depending on your experience and body type.
This plan includes a customized weight training and functional training routine based on an individual assessment and goals.

Three Consecutive Private Lessons + Agility Training get the fourth FREE

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This is a combination of tennis and speed and agility training. We will incorporate rotational power, lateral movement strength training and reaction time. Simplifying movement and understanding where you harness your power is key to improvement.

4 Consecutive Private Lesson Series

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Get 10% off when purchasing this package. Practice makes perfect! Sign up for weekly lessons and we will meet once a week for a total of four weeks.

8 Lesson Series: Improvement and Practice Package

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You will save 15% with this package. Here you will make improvements with technique and form and have the ability to practice it over the course of 8 lessons. Step up your game to the next level!

6 Session Group Doubles Clinic

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Improve your doubles game this fall! We will cover fundamentals, match play strategies and executing points. Learn how to set up your partner and become a dynamic duo!